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One on One Training


In one on one training classes you or your staff can learn at their own pace, in your own time and learn only the skills you need to learn to manage a successful bookkeeping system utilizing QuickBooks or Quicken. Whether you want to learn how to maintain your own books or if you find that after training you'd rather have me come in once a month to do the work myself, training consultations can be a great way to get started with your new bookkeeping system. You will learn how to perform specific tasks in QuickBooks or Quicken that pertain to your unique business structure and industry.

Platforms: I teach QuickBooks and Quicken on a Mac or a PC.

How it Works: I come to your place of business or home office and I help you decide on the best possible plan for your new bookkeeping system.

Quicken:Quicken is a program designed for individuals or for sole proprietorship businesses. Quicken can be used for making sense of your expenses, inventory, assets and/or managing your real estate investments. Quicken personal is perfect for individuals, growing families, married couples or those close to retirement. Quicken home and business helps balance your finances when you work from home. You hire me to consult with you on the initial setup of Quicken as well as utilizing Quicken on a day to day, weekly or monthly basis.

QuickBooks: QuickBooks is the most popular accounting program for all business types because today the program has a solution to meet all of your accounting needs. You can learn how to use the invoice system, accounts payable system, inventory and payroll system. QuickBooks is a very extensive program so I suggest that you allow for more than one class. I will develop your class on a consultation basis wherein I sit with you one and one and teach you only the areas you need to learn.


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